School Closing Information

Portage Township Schools has several ways to notify parents and guardians of school cancellations, emergencies, or general information. Some require nothing more than listening to a message on your telephone, reading an e-mail message, or logging onto the Portage Schools' website or your child's school's website. Each method is explained below:
  • School Messenger is an automated telephone dialing system which allows administrators and teachers to place calls to students from the principal and/or individual teachers. The messages may vary according to purpose from the principal sending a general reminder out to parents about upcoming events at the schools, inform parents about child's absence from school to reminders about Wednesday and Saturday classes to teachers sending specific information only to their students' parents about classroom activities. The superintendent and his designee also use this program to send directed messages out to parents/guardians regarding important district-wide information such as the recent MRSA information from Mr. Berta.
    • The number the system calls is very important. The number that is used is the one that you have given the school upon registration. If you have changed that phone number, please contact your school(s) office to make sure the new phone number is recorded in your child's information.
    • The phone message is left on your answering machine if no one is at home or if no answering machine the sending number may be left on your caller ID system. If the phone is busy, the system will try dialing the number seven (7) times every 20 minutes. If it does not reach a person or an machine, it will then end its attempt to leave a message.
    • Portage Township Schools' system is set not to call before 6:00am and not after 8:30pm unless it is absolute emergency. It is also set not to call between 5:00pm - 6:00pm.
  • E-Mail Alerts is a new method that has come with our new website. There are two types of e-mail notifications; the first is a Broadcast E-Alert; the second is a Content E-Alert. See below for the information. Regardless of which type, a website user must decide to subscribe to the PTS Website. That is done by registering on our website. Click the register button and fill out the information requested.
    • Broadcast E-Alerts will be used to alert parents/guardians about school closings, emergency situations, district-wide information such as registration dates, changes in scheduled events.
    • Content E-Alerts notify subscribers of changes to school's homepages, teacher pages, or to school calendar events.
  • District Message is a recording that is placed on the main district phone number (762-6511) when school is cancelled.  Be aware that this number may be unavailable due to number of calls when such an event takes place.
  • and Emergency Closing Center are two websites that Portage Township Schools uses to post any school closing or school delay information.  Please use it to check on possible closings if you choose not to subscribe to E-Alerts or do not have access to e-mail. 
  • School cancellation/delay/emergency dismissal information is available.  Please see the appropriate page available in this section.  Portage Township Schools utilizes local and Chicago area radio stations to provide up-to-date information.  That list of stations is available on the School Closing page in this section.  Check the list on the left.