Challenge Education is just what is sounds like.  Students are challenged in various ways both physically and intellectually to learn without text books.  They might work alone with other students spotting them, work as a group, or work alone with climbing gear to protect them.  The idea is for them to learn about themselves, life, or how groups function.  Hopefully, all of the learning then transfers to the "real" world and "real life".   It is a pathway to personal growth, both physically, socially, and psychologically.

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There are four different Challenge Education courses in ten acres of woods behind Fegely Middle School on Stone Avenue in Portage.  Each one operates differently and challenges the students in different ways.  The four courses are:  low ropes course, teams course, high ropes course, and a climbing wall.  See the links to the left to visit these courses.


picnic area

Lunch and/or activity area for Teams and Low Ropes Courses