Ms. Penny Callahan  1st Grade
Phone:  219-764-6812 Room 7     
My name is Penny Callahan.  I go by Ms. Callahan to your children.  I have been teaching in the Portage Township School System for 30 years.  This will be my 31st year of teaching.  I have taught Extended Time First Grade, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. I was also a Reading Resource Teacher for several years.  Most of my teaching has been in first grade, which is my favorite! During the school year, it is much easier to reach me by computer.  My email address is above and please feel free to use this.      
Homework will be sent home on Mondays. It is then expected back each day (the day it is to be returned is on the paper).  I use "Homework Folders "and will also include a "baggie book". ( I put a book in a baggie to be returned by Friday of the week.) This is for additional reading.  I do expect all of my  children to read for 10-15 minutes a day, and practice math facts. (It sure helps in later years when children know their math facts!) On Fridays, Poetry Journals are sent home so your children can share and read poetry that we have been reading in class.  Please be sure to have them return their Poetry Journals on Mondays. 
On the first of the month, I send home a new calendar for children to keep track of their reading.  I need these sheets back the end of the month so I can send home Book-It slips for their pizzas. This will begin in October and end in April. I do have this count as a homework grade.
 In October, we will begin with our weekly spelling words.  Children will bring home the list on Mondays and then on Friday there will be a spelling test. Book orders are sent home a few times during the year.  Checks can be made out to the book company. You may also order on-line.  If you do place an order for gifts, just let me know so I can get a hold of you when books come in.      
Each Trimester, we will be taking indicator tests.  If additional help is needed,a note will be sent home so you are aware and may give them extra help.  I would be happy to send additional practice home too. We will be taking a field trip to the South Haven Public Library monthly. We do encourage all of our children to become proud owners of the public library cards. :) Our grade level will be going on a few field trips during the year. Parents do need background checks and be on the system list to attend. The do take a few weeks to process and can be filled out on line.
I am looking forward to this year!
Sincerely, Ms. Callahan
Please check the weekly agenda for classroom information.