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According to Bella Stander's Reading under the Cover blog, "A book video, just like a TV ad, has to TELL & SELL: Tell what the book is about and sell it to the target audience. It has to answer the Three Big Questions:
  • So what?
  • Who cares?
  • What's in it for me?

After watching a book trailer, the viewer should think, "Wow, I gotta buy this book" Not just, "Wow, I gotta forward this video!"

Any student and teacher/librarian can make a digital booktalk (now known as "book trailers").  It is a fun exciting & meaningful way to grab students into reading a book that they may not have considered to read.  Students can express through pictures, words, and music a hint of the story/plot.  Just enough to grab other students' interest to read the book too. 
Take a look at the Pettus Secondary Library Blog.  These students read and create "Book Trailers" to express how books make them feel and to get other teens excited to read too!  Link is in the list to the right.


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