School Closings

School Cancellations
Regional Radio
WMAQ - 670 AM
WGN - 720 AM
WBBM - 780 AM
WLS - 890 AM
WIMS - 1420 AM
WEFM - 95.5 FM
WLJE - 105.5 FM
WZVN - 106.9 FM
Chicago TV
WBBM - 2
WMAQ - 5
WLS - 7
WGN - 9
WFLD - 32
National Weather Service
Emergency Closing Center
PortageTownship Schools utilizes several ways to notify parents and guardiansof school cancellations, delays, and early dismissals.
  • The district posts Cancellation Notices with regional radio and television stations, as well as on the linked web cancellation services indicated above.
  • School Messenger is an automated telephone dialing system which is used by the district to call each student's home with a pre-recorded school cancellation message.
    • The telephone number the automated system uses to call parents and guardians comes from the student's information record that was verified during the registration process.  It is very important that the information in each student's record is accurate and up-to-date.  Parents/guardians who have changed their phone number since registration should contact the student's school office to update this crucial contact information.

    • The automated system will attempt to reach a live person, but will leave a message on the phone's answering machine or voice-mail system if it is unable to reach someone.  The system will make up to seven separate attempts if a phone rings busy or is unavailable.

    • For school cancellations, the system begins calling at approximately 6:00 a.m. 
  • Whenever school is cancelled, a Pre-Recorded Greeting is activated on the district's main telephone number (219) 762-6511. Be aware that this number may be unavailable due to the high volume of calls experienced during such times.
  • E-mail Alerts can be activated from our website by all registered users. 
    • A Broadcast E-mail Alert will be automatically sent to all registered website users to notify them about school cancellations.
      • Registered website users can also request that a copy of the broadcast email alert be sent to their mobile phone as a text message. Users must activate this option in their website user account settings.
    • A Content E-mail Alert can also be activated by individual website users who are then notified of any changes to a particular webpage. Users must request a content alert on each page for which they wish to be alerted.

    • If you wish to register as a user on the PTS website, click the register link at the top of this page.
When schools are closed, all extra-curricular activities will be cancelled.
TheState of Indiana mandates that, in most situations, a cancelled schoolday must be made up during that same school calendar year. PortageTownship Schools will inform parents as soon as possible whenevermake-up days are mandated, scheduled, and added to the school calendar.