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Paul Saylor Elementary School adheres to the Portage Township Schools Notification Procedures for the following: School Cancellations, Delayed Opening and Emergency Dismissal. Please listen to local radio and TV stations for school closing information.

Do Not call the schools, Administration Building or the Portage Police Department.

The following information is being provided to outline the procedures that apply and affect Paul Saylor Elementary School. If you have children in the Middle School or High School, please follow their guidelines, which these schools will provide. Please keep this information in a readily available location so you may refer to it as needed. Also, please update the office with your children's emergency contact information.


When the decision to delay school is made, the schedule for elementary schools will change. A delay to the start of school will result in elementary schools beginning classes two hours later than normal. A delay in the start of school will result in a 10:55AM start time instead of the normal start time of 8:55AM. Bus pick-up will be two hours later than the normal pick-up time.


If conditions warrant school cancellation the Portage Township Schools will endeavor to notify the media prior to 6:00AM. If a school delay is announced and weather conditions do not improve prior to the regular scheduled elementary pick-up schedule, a school cancellation announcement will be released to the media.


Early dismissal due to weather conditions or other safety related concerns will be announced at least one and one-half (1 1/2 ) hours prior to the actual dismissal times. If all schools are dismissed, the secondary schools will be dismissed prior to dismissing elementary schools. A notification of this effect will be issued to the media and will also be posted on the Internet.




These radio/TV stations will broadcast information
pertaining to school cancellations, delayed opening and emergency dismissal:

WLJE-105.5 FM                                                                        WLJZ- 107.1 FM                                          

WEFM- 95.9FM                                                                         WBBM- 780AM
WLS-890AM                                                                               WFLD- TV CHANNEL 32

WZVN- 106.9 FM                                                                       WGN- 720 AM

W AKE- 1500 AM                                                                       WMAQ- 670 AM

WBBM - TV CHANNEL 2                                                         WMAQ- TV CHANNEL 5
WLS- TV CHANNEL 7                                                              WGN- TV CHANNEL 9