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Welcome to PTS Virtual!

PTS Virtual is available to all Portage Township Schools students who believe that continuing their education at home is the best option for them. Students will have the ability to complete their 100% online courses that are delivered by one of our talented PTS teachers. Their high quality digital curriculum is rigorous, engaging, and aligned with Indiana State Standards.

PTS Virtual students and families can expect to continue their education while receiving individualized support from the Portage teachers, counselors, and administrators you know and trust.

PTS Virtual provides:
Highly Qualified Portage Teachers - PTS Virtual is staffed by our own teachers who collaborate to build an engaging curriculum that supports our students' academic growth and social/emotional health. Students have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one and group engagement.

Support Services - Our PTS Virtual students receive the educational and social/emotional support that they need to continue their academic success. Families and students have ready access to teachers, counselors, and administrators by phone, email, and video conference. Collaboration by families and PTS staff will be paramount to each students' success.

Individualized Learning - All PTS teachers remain dedicated to meeting the individual learning needs of each student, and PTS Virtual is no different. Teachers employ innovative and proven methods and technology to support our students' academic success. Continued NWEA testing will ensure students are making academic progress and meeting their individualized goals.

College and Career Readiness - Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students for their futures. High school students will continue to accumulate credits towards graduation and complete the College and Career Readiness requirements. PTS Virtual students are welcome to continue participating in our excellent co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as families see fit. 

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