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PTS Virtual FAQs

Who is eligible to attend PTS Virtual?

Portage Township students in grades kindergarten through 12 are eligible to sign up for the PTS Virtual option.


How are the classes structured?

PTS teachers design the curriculum for each class, which is then posted to Schoology for the child to complete. Students will find opportunities to collaborate with the teacher at a scheduled time during the school day and be assigned some work that may be completed at their own time and pace. Students will participate in classes 5 days per week.

Will there be additional materials my child will need for virtual learning?

Teachers will communicate with families in regards to additional materials needed for virtual instruction. If they are supplied by the school, the teacher will set up pick-up times to receive such materials

Can middle and high school students take classes of their choice?

Yes. PTS Virtual students remain eligible to take co-curricular and elective courses of their choice. Some of these courses may not be available through a PTS teacher and, therefore, will be offered through our partnership with Edmentum.


What is the schedule for PTS Virtual?

Once enrolled, students must remain in PTS Virtual until the end of each quarter in order to provide consistency for our students and staff. PTS Virtual students and staff follow the same school calendar with scheduled weekends, holidays, Teacher Record Days, and E-Learning Days.

When is my child's work due?

The teacher will set due dates for all work. Students will be expected to complete all in-class work that day and daily homework by the following day. Parents and guardians should reach out to the teacher when technical issues or extenuating circumstances occur.


How will teachers take attendance for students in PTS Virtual?

Teachers will be taking attendance daily and throughout the day. All Portage Township Schools Compulsory Attendance Policies apply. Students must participate in all related class activities, including Google Meets, group projects, individual work, etc. Students who do not participate will be counted as absent. Parents should communicate with their child's teacher(s) when issues of internet connectivity arise.

How do I report attendance and other school business issues?

Parents/Guardians should contact the school at which your child is registered to report attendance, provide proof of residency, turn in immunization records, seek help with technology issues with school-issued devices, etc. For example: if you r child is registered at Kyle Elementary, you will communicate with the staff at Kyle Elementary to handle any of the above issues.

What if my child is sick?

If your child is sick to the point that they cannot participate in all of the classroom activities required of them that day, a parent or guardian is required to contact the child's school and report the absence.

What do I do if my child's device is not working properly or is broken?

The student should inform their teacher of the issue and attempt to use a personal device if possible. Contact the school's Instructional Technology Specialist to arrange a time for the device to be repaired or replaced. The Portage Township Schools Technology Help Line is (219)763-8063.


My internet is not working properly at my home. What should I do?

First, restart your device and consider restarting your modem/router at home. Contact your teacher about the issue as soon as possible, and we will work with you to try to resolve the issue. School internet is always available sidewalk to sidewalk at each of our school campuses.


I do not have a device or reliable internet at home. What should I do?

Students will continue to use their school-issued device for their PTS Virtual classes. Contact PTS Virtual principal Michael DePasquale at to learn about the various internet options available for our families.

Will my child be able to receive breakfast and lunch?

You will be able to pick up your meals once a week from the student's enrolled school. That does mean if you have more than one child attending different schools (an elementary student, middle school student, high school student), you will have to visit that particular school to receive their meals. Meal content is based on age level and, for that reason, you must visit the rolled school of that student.

Can my child participate in school-sponsored events?

In order to be able to properly perform contact tracing should the need arise, your child will will not be able to participate in building activities during school hours. There will be circumstances in which your child may need to visit the building for specific testing.

Will my child be able to participate in after-school clubs and sports?

Students will be able to participate in after-school clubs and sports, They will need to communicate with their club sponsor or coach for details and rules in regards to our health and safety precautions. They will be expected to follow all school rules and policies.


Can I return to in-person learning at my school?

Yes. At the end of each quarter, students and families can chose to re-enter their traditional schools. All high school credits earned in PTS Virtual will be the same as credits earned in a traditional setting.


I have more than one child attending PTS. Do they need to choose the same option?

No. Children within a family can independently choose between the traditional, in-person school day or PTS Virtual.

My child currently attends a different school. Can they attend PTS Virtual?

Yes. Students who are not current Portage Township Schools students but live within Portage Township may transfer into PTS and enroll in PTS Virtual.


What is the cost to attend PTS Virtual?

PTS Virtual is operated by Portage Township Schools and is tuition-free. Families will pay curricular fees as normal, which covers the cost of any materials and digital resources for the students.


How do I enroll in PTS Virtual?

Enrollment in PTS Virtual takes place prior to the start of each quarter. The enrollment period for PTS Virtual for Quarter 2 is now closed. The next enrollment period will take place prior to the beginning of Quarter 3.