Curriculum Monitoring  

Monitoring is a continuous multifaceted process involving an entire team of individuals from the superintendent to the student.

**A tiger team is a diversified group of experts brought together for a single project, need, or event. They are usually assigned to investigate, solve, build, or recommend possible solutions to unique situations or problems** 

PTS Big Three Video

High Reliability Schools - Information and Implementation Plan

High Reliability in Portage Township Schools 

Portage Township High Reliability Tiger Team

High Reliability Schools - Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum Identification Timeline

High Reliability Schools Standard Prioritizing Protocol

PTS Principal High Reliability Team Professional Development Timeline

Portage Township Curriculum Mapping Team

Portage Township High Reliability Curriculum Teams

       K-5 Math

       K-5 ELA

       6-8 ELA

       6-8 Math