Accelerated Reader Information

Accelerated Reader Information

PTS uses Accelerated Reader (AR) throughout all grades in order to increase students' reading and comprehension abilities and try to give them a love for reading. It basically works in this way: children take a reading test at the beginning of the school year (NWEA (new)) which gives teachers important information about the children's reading abilities (Lexile score). Students then select books that are within their range. When they are finished with their selection, students take a short computerized quiz about their books. The number of questions are based upon grade-level and reading level of the book. Higher level books have more questions. A student is considered to master that book if he/she reaches a score of 80% correct on the quiz.

In the past, PTS used Grade Equivalency to level books for students to select within their range. With the introduction of NWEA testing, PTS will now use a Lexile score to help students select books. To help with the change, a chart has been constructed to help select books. (Lexile to Grade Equivalency Chart)

Renaissance Learning (the provider of AR) allows all parents access from home via the Internet (called Home Connect) to their children's AR progress. Use your student's login credentials to login. 

You may also be interested to check out the "A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader" information provided by Renaissance Learning that gives a very good explanation about the entire reading process.

Home Connect for Parents

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader (English)

Guía para Padres sobre Accelerated Reader (Spanish)