Medications in School

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During the school year we have requests from parents to administer prescription and non-prescription medication to their children. In order to comply with Indiana State Law and Portage Township Schools Policy, we require that you please follow these instructions:

Parent Permission to Administer Medication


  • All medications for students below ninth (9th) grade must be brought to school and picked up from school by parents / guardians.
  • Students in ninth (9th) grade and above must have a note from their parents to take medication to and from school.
  • All medications must remain in the school clinic unless otherwise specified by the students physician and parent and approved by a Portage Township Schools Registered Nurse

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION: will be given to students provided the following is on file at the pupil's school:

Authorization signed by a parent or Guardian; and written instructions from student's physician or typed instructions on the prescription bottle which states:

  • Name of Student
  • Name and Dosage of Medication
  • Time and Administration of Medication
  • Name of Physician


  • must be sent in the original container and must be accompanied by a note from the parent
  • include a note explaining the dosage of the medication and the time of administration
  • If dosage exceeds the manufacturers recommended dosage, a physician’s note must verify the dosage
  • any exceptions to the above must be cleared through the Health Services Director or a school nurse
  • all medications must be age appropriate For your child's safety, medication will be given only if it is sent with a note and is properly labeled
  • Aspirin or other non-prescription drugs will be given only if furnished by the parent and accompanied by a note from the parent
Parent Permission to Administer Medication