School Security

Portage Township Schools remains committed to school safety.  We work in collaboration with our Portage Police Department as well as the Porter County Sheriff’s Department.  We have a team of highly trained school safety specialists throughout our district who meet regularly to review and plan safety protocol.  All of these individuals are certified through the Indiana Department of Education’s Division of School Safety. 

We also actively participate in the Porter County Safe Schools Commission.  PTS has invested in the security of our students through expansion of our camera monitoring system, improved access control with new upgraded doors throughout the corporation, and offering new online alert systems.   Each school has a safety and security team that regularly practice safety drills to best keep Portage Township Schools a positive learning environment.

We do all these things so as to be best prepared to meet our Corporation Goal of having a culture of collaboration and acceptance in a safe and secure learning environment. We encourage our students and our community to remain vigilant and to share your thoughts and insights with us. On our end, we will continue to monitor all of our facilities, listen to all of our students, thoroughly investigate all concerns and deal appropriately with all involved as we continue to pursue our mission of Educating, Empowering and Inspiring Excellence.

At the start of the school day, all doors/entrances into the building are locked. Parents/Visitors are to enter at the main entrance to the building. Please be sure to follow the protocol for entrance into any Portage school.
E-Alerts and School Messenger are two other ways to give parents information about school events.
E-Alerts let parents register at the district level website and also at our school website in order to get emailed alerts to their email addresses about school closings, website changes, and current events (you can choose to be notified when certain webpages changes).
School Messenger (a telephone automated dial systemis used by both the school's office to notify parents of upcoming events and late buses and also by individual teachers to remind students/parents of field trips, different events, and class activities.
Entrance Protocol

  • Upon arrival at inside entrance door, please state your name and purpose of your visit.
  • Present your state-issued photo ID to the building secretary.
  • The building secretary will scan your ID and create a visitor badge.
  • Please wear your visitor badge throughout the duration of your visit.
  • All visitors must sign out with the building secretary at the conclusion of the visit.

What happens without a photo ID?
Visitors who are unable to present a state-issued photo ID will be asked to return to the building with the ID. All visitors must present their state-issued ID to the building secretary.