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Curriculum » PHS Naturalization Exam Report

PHS Naturalization Exam Report

Each student enrolled in a U.S. Government course where credit is awarded for General, Core
40, Core 40 with Academic Honors, or Core 40 with Technical Honors designation is required to
take the naturalization examination provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS) as administered by the student’s high school. U.S. Government courses
include Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual credit, and Cambridge
International courses. Students do not need to pass the naturalization examination in order to
pass the U.S.Government course. Retests are not required or published in the results.
  2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026
  Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 1 Semester 2
Number of students who took the naturalization exam 217 186 215 153            
Number of students who passed with 60% or higher on their first attempt 212 193 208 140            
Pass rate 98% 96% 97% 92%