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Board Statement

The Mission of Portage Township Schools is educating, empowering and inspiring excellence.

It is our mission to educate, empower, and inspire our students as well as all the employees of Portage Township Schools. To do that we foster innovation and create a culture where teaching and learning can truly be transformed. We work to create a culture where there is genuine empathy and authentic collaboration where relationships can be cultivated and our Core Values are practiced and shared. Through this we inspire excellence in our schools and our community.

We have made significant strides toward our vision for the future. Creating a culture of high achievement for all our students means that our classrooms and instruction is not a one-size-fits-all approach to education. It means that we seek to give students and parents choices in the learning process so every child can reach his/her potential.

Creating a culture of technological innovation is based on the premise of preparing our students for their future.  All of us are touched by the quick advancements that are happening in technology.  Preparing our students for a world of technological opportunities means helping them to discover what is possible through technology while sustaining the importance of teacher interaction and personal attention in the learning process.

We are creating a culture of collaboration and innovation where every child is safe and secure.  We adapt our practices to better meet our students' needs.  We embrace the process of remodeling our programs and instruction so all of our student can meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We aim to have one of the best educated workforces in Indiana to meet the needs of all of our students.

In many ways, Portage Township Schools serves as the model for what public education can be not only in Indiana, but throughout the country.  We recognize that we are continually moving along a continuum of challenges that help us to work together for continuous improvements in teaching, learning and the application of knowledge.  Our excellent progress and programs in the Arts, Project Lead the Way, Technology, and our Career Technical Programs has led to significant academic gains as well as career opportunities.  Our graduation rate is high, student achievement is on the rise, and we lead the state in instructional innovation.

Our work is not over, but we are making great progress. We will continue to live our mission statement while embracing our goals, values, beliefs and vision for the future. Join us and become a part of our vision for the future. Please join us! When we work together we can achieve anything. Together We Excel!

Here is a link to the  Board Compact and Code of Ethics

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