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Instructional Focus

Our Instructional Focus Strategies 

The New Art & Science of Teaching Tool
Lesson Planning 101- A few reminders of important planning considerations.
Madeline Hunter Lesson Planning Template - A time tested template for effective lesson planning.
13 high impact instructional strategies - These 13 instructional strategies and behaviors identified in the study were found to be significantly related to higher levels of student achievement. These practical behaviors can help teachers effectively engage our students.
Include both Conative and Cognitive focus in planning
Marzano and Kendall’s new Taxonomy - offer a list of actions and action verbs to help in planning.
Blooms/Marzano/Webb Taxonomy Crosswalk - offer a list of actions and action verbs to help in planning.
Marzano’s Core Content Instructional Vocabulary - A list of identified essential student vocabulary at various levels and curricular areas.
Portage Township Continuous Improvement Planning Process - School level Continuous Improvement Planning guidance.
Effective Questioning and Classroom Talk - Asking questions is natural and intuitive. Teachers ask questions from the start of the lesson until the end. Asking questions forms part of any lesson because it invites the student to think, and even within a ‘lecture’ style lesson, rhetorical questions are used to invite silent agreement or begin the organisation of ideas to present a response. Research suggests teachers ask over 400 questions a day.
Depth of Knowledge Levels - Questioning typology (DOK)
Edmentum White Paper Resources