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Portage Township Schools features a robust academic program with curriculum designed to meet the diverse needs of all learners. Rooted in Marzano's High Reliability Schools model, our instructional practices focus on mastery of skills and natural progression through the curriculum at each grade level and course. Porter County Education Services provides specialized services to our students to meet their unique needs from pre-kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade. Our partnership with the Porter County Career Center allows our juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore career paths and earn certifications that put them on the path to success following graduation. Our high school students also have the opportunity to set themselves up for success by taking Advanced Placement and dual credit programs that prepare our students for their academic career at the collegiate level. Our partnerships with countless community organizations enrich the curriculum with school visits, presentations, field trips, and more that further enhance our students' academic experience.
Academic Programs
Our unique academic programs enhance and enrich the academic experience of our students. Click below to learn more about High Ability, Project Lead the Way, Dual Credit, and more.
A guaranteed and viable curriculum is the framework of our students' success. Through careful planning based on multiple data sources, Portage Township Schools teachers have built a robust curriculum according to Marzano's High Reliability Schools model. This skills-based approach to teaching and learning ensures our students achieve mastery and receive the remediation and enrichment needed for success. Click below to learn more about our curriculum.
Grants & Assessments
Portage Township Schools is proud to offer quality instructional programs to meet the needs of our diverse learning community. Our Department of Grants and Assessments meets the needs of our English Learners and High Ability Learns, provides Title I services, manages district-wide assessments, and applies to and manages grants that fund our educational programs and initiatives. Click below to learn more about our department of Grants & Assessments.
PowerSchool Parent Portal
Portage Township Schools students and their families can retrieve important information using PowerSchool, our web-based student information system. PowerSchool offers families and students real-time, online access to student grades, grade history, attendance, and more. Click below to learn more about and access PowerSchool.
Registration and Enrollment
All students attending Portage Township Schools must complete the registration process prior to the start of the school year or attending school. Click below to access our registration and enrollment information.
Our learning management system for students in grades 6 through 12, Schoology is an online platform where our students can access assignments, speak with their teachers, and more. Click below to access and log into Schoology.
Indiana GPS Website
The Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (GPS) website hosts the various data points for our district that, together, provide an overall snapshot of our schools. You can learn more about the Indiana GPS website here. Click below to access data for Portage Township Schools.