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Portage Township Schools supports district-wide services that ensure our students have all of the tools they need to be successful. From transporting students to making meals to supporting technology, the staff in our various departments are here to support your child's academic career.

The Portage Township Schools Transportation Department safely transports our students to and from school each day. Families are encouraged to download their VersaTrans MyStop app to view transportation information and monitor your child's school bus. Click below to visit the PTS Transportation website.
Food Services
Our Food Services staff safely and efficiently prepares breakfast and lunch for our students each school day. Lunch accounts can be managed online via our Titan system. Free & Reduced Lunch applications can be submitted for the current school year prior to July 1 via Titan. Click below to visit the Food Services website and view lunch menus, nutritional information, and more.
Health Services
Our Health Services staff is here to support the health and safety of our students and families. From medication management to responding to medical needs, our nurses and nurse aids provide the care our students need to stay health and stay in school. Click below for more information about our Health Services Department.
Technology Services
The PTS Technology Services Department is dedicated to providing and maintaining the technological structure to support student learning. From device management to infrastructure maintenance to instructing students in our Innovative Learning Labs, our IT staff ensures that our students have the skills needed to be successful both in school and in today's workforce. Click below to access our Technology Services page.
Curricular Fee Payment
Families will be assessed for curricular fees each school year. These fees include textbook rental, classroom consumables, digital resources, and technology fees. Families who receive textbook assistance will see the funds applied to their accounts each spring. Payments for curricular fees may be made through out online payment portal, E-Funds. Click below to make a payment on your account.
School Safety & Security
The safety and security of our students and staff is our top priority. Our robust Safety and Security plan outlines a framework for preventing and responding to school emergencies. School Resource Officers are present in our schools, and each building contains at least one School Safety Specialist who has been trained and certified by the Indiana Department of Education. Our School Security Team updates and plans for policies and procedures for keeping our students and staff safe. Read more about out School Safety and Security protocols at the link below.
Bully Hotlines
Students and families can report instances of bullying via our Bully Hotlines. Click on the link below to find the Bully Hotline number for your school, and you can leave a message detailing the instance or instances. Our administrators will investigate all claims.
The Communications Department provides public relations, community outreach, and media relations services for Portage Township Schools stakeholders. You can find more information about Portage Township Schools events and information via our ParentSquare app and our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). Click below for more information about our Communications Services.
Library & Media Services
Our PTS Library & Media Services Department is a total library media and instructional technology program that insures that staff and students are effective users of ideas and information. Our staff's mission is to prepare students to become independent, lifelong learners and foster in hem an appreciation of reaching for both scholarship and enjoyment. Click below to learn more about our Library & Media Services.
Laws & Rights
Our students and staff are afforded certain rights under federal law while at school. Click below to learn more about these laws & rights for students and families.
Family Assistance
The staff of Portage Township Schools believes in educating the whole child and ensure that each of our students has their academic and social/emotional needs met. Click below to learn more about the family assistance services provided by Portage Township Schools.