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Employee Safety

Portage Township School Employees

Our Mission

The Portage Township Schools Safety Committee will strive to ensure that our staff, as well as our community, has a safe environment by implementing and monitoring ongoing safety practices. The Safety Committee will actively research, analyze, and assess district needs to assure that safety measures are realistic, feasible, and measurable.  The Safety Committee will ensure that these methods are constantly aligned and adjusted to meet current best practices.  Education of staff will serve as the foundation for continuing best safety practices.  We believe that each PTS stakeholder is responsible for creating a safe environment for both themselves and our community.

Why should I think about employee safety?
It ensures that our schools are safe, enjoyable places to work.
It improves the work environment and morale.
It prevents injuries for all school employees.
It prepares us for the unexpected.
It keeps us OSHA compliant. 
Fewer workmans' compensation claims means more monies available for employee benefits.